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CNC-209 Human Histoloji (100 adet)

1.Epithelial tissue
HHS-01 Simple columnar epithelium of Human sec.
HHS-02 Simple cuboidal epithelium of Human sec.
HHS-03 Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium sec.
HHS-04 Simple columnar ciliated epithelium of Human sec.
HHS-05 Stratified squamous epithelium of Human sec.
HHS-06 Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of Human W.M.

2.Connective tissue
HHS-07 Blood of Human smear (HE)
HHS-08 Blood of Human smear (stained with Giemsa)
HHS-09 Blood of Human A.B.O. smear
HHS-10 Loose connective tissue of Human sec.
HHS-11 Dense connective tissue of Human sec.
HHS-12 Adipose tissue of Human sec.
HHS-13 Hyaline cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-14 Fibrous cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-15 Elastic cartilage of Human sec.
HHS-16 Finger of Human L.S.
HHS-17 Human bone grinding W.M.
HHS-18 Human chromosome normal male w.m
HHS-19 Human chromosome normal female w.m
HHS-20 Human toe bone l.s.
HHS-21 Human red bone marrow smear.

3.Muscular tissue
HHS-22 Smooth muscle isolated of Human W.M.
HHS-23 Skeledal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S. (hematoxylin st
HHS-24 Skeletal muscle of Human T.S.and L.S. (H.E. Staining)
HHS-25 Skeletal muscle isolated of Human W.M.
HHS-26 Cardiac muscle of Human sec. (hematoxylin staining)

4.Nervous system
HHS-27 Spinal cord of Human T.S.
HHS-28 Spinal ganglion of Human sec.
HHS-29 Tactile corpuscle of Human sec.
HHS-30 Lamellar corpuscle of Human sec.
HHS-31 Cerebrum of Human sec. (silver staining)
HHS-32 Cerebrum of Human sec. (HE)
HHS-33 Cerebellum of Human sec. (silver staining)
HHS-34 Cerebellum of Human sec. (HE)

5.Circulation system
HHS-35 Heart of Human sec.
HHS-36 Cardiac muscle of Human sec.
HHS-37 Cardiac valve of Human sec.
HHS-38 Human Medium-sized artery and vein sec.
HHS-39 Large artery of Human sec.
HHS-40 Large vein of Human sec.
HHS-41 Human Heart sec. (showing Purkinje cell)

6.Immune system
HHS-42 Lymphoid node of Human sec.
HHS-43 Spleen of Human sec.
HHS-44 Thymus of Human sec.
HHS-45 Palatine tonsil of Human sec.

7.Endocrine system
HHS-46 Thyroid gland of Human sec.
HHS-47 Parathyroid gland of Human sec.
HHS-48 Adrenal gland of Human sec.
HHS-49 Human Pituitary sec.

8.Digestive system
HHS-50 Liver of Human sec. (show bile canaliculus of liver)
HHS-51 Human tooth l.s.
HHS-52 Tongue of Human L.S. (show internal structure)
HHS-53 Oesophagus of Human T.S.
HHS-54 Stomach of Human T.S.
HHS-55 Gastric section of stomach of Human sec.
HHS-56 Small intestine of Human T.S.
HHS-57 Small intestine of Human L.S.
HHS-58 Jejunum of Human sec.
HHS-59 Duodenum of Human sec.
HHS-60 Ileum of Human sec.
HHS-61 Colon of Human sec.
HHS-62 Vermiform appendix of Human sec.
HHS-63 Large intestinal of Human L.S.
HHS-64 Large intestinal of Human T.S.
HHS-65 Parotid gland of Human sec.
HHS-66 Submandibular gland of Human sec.
HHS-67 Salivary gland of Human sec.
HHS-68 Sublingual gland of Human sec.
HHS-69 Liver of Human sec.
HHS-70 Gall Bladder of Human sec.

9.Respiratory system
HHS-71 Trachea of Human T.S.
HHS-72 Trachea of Human L.S.
HHS-73 Human Lung sec.
HHS-74 Epiglottic cartilage of Human sagittal section
10.Urinary system
HHS-75 Urinary bladder of Human
HHS-76 Pancreas of Human sec.
HHS-77 Ureter of Human T.S.
HHS-78 Kidney of Human through renal cortex T.S.

11.Genital system
HHS-79 Testis of Human sec.
HHS-80 Spermatozoon of Human smear.
HHS-81 Epididymis of Human sec.
HHS-82 Prostate of Human sec.
HHS-83 Ductus deferens of Human T.S.
HHS-84 Glandula vesiculosa of Human sec.
HHS-85 Penis of Human sec. (infant)
HHS-86 Human Uterus (proliferative phase) sec.
HHS-87 Human Uterus (secretory phase) sec.
HHS-88 Uterine cervix of Human sec.
HHS-89 Oviduct of Human T.S.
HHS-90 Ampulla of uterine tube of Human T.S.
HHS-91 Vagina of Human sec.
HHS-92 Human mammary gland (active phase) sec.
HHS-93 Placenta of Human sec.
HHS-94 Umbilical cord of Fetus T.S.
HHS-95 Human Corpus luteum sec.

12.Sensory organs
HHS-96 Skin of Human (show hair follicle) sec.
HHS-97 Human Eyelid sec.
HHS-98 Human Eyeball sec.
HHS-99 Skin of Human (show stratum corneum) sec.
HHS-100 Hair of Human W.M.